May 6, 2012

The Most Powerful Tool in Literature

‘This is a work of fiction, resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.’ 

That is a sentence which one would find before the start or at the end of most movies. Though it may sound corny it is the one sentence that saves most artists/directors/writers etc. from issues/complaints related to work/identity theft, etc. if the government allowed to impart this line on social networking sites then we could create any fake/duplicate profiles without being sued by the law. Cool right? 

If u really want to realize the true potential of that sentence then I recommend you watch the movie ‘Paranormal Activity’, for those who don’t know about it – It’s a horror flick that has been shot in a truly realistic method. In fact, they even mention the date and time of each and every encounter with the supernatural. I was scared to death till the end of the movie believing it all really happened but finally in the end the blood sentence appeared, draining all the fear that I had developed while watching it. I felt as if I’ve been fooled and that I’ve wasted my time on the movie. Usually for a guy like me the hangover after watching a horror movie stays for a few days but for this movie, it got over then and there. I felt like killing the director (who literally is a very smart guy that has used his idea and this sentence to keep us on the edge of our seats...BRILLIANT!). But the sad part is that I didn’t want to watch even the trailer of ‘Paranormal Activity 2’. Coz I already knew it would all be fake (I have nothing against the movie or its director, I could still watch it but without any fear or any such emotional stimulation). Now that’s the power if this sentence, it allows any person who has used it in his/her work to lie up to any extend and claim that to be true or write anything true(which might be highly sensitive, confidential, dangerous etc.) about him/her or anyone and claim it to be false(fictious). In other words, no matter what the content is, he/she is safe from the actions of any authority, administration, punishing body etc. This beautiful sentence that acts as a weapon as well as armor. It allows us to do all the shit we want keeping us safe (that’s why I also call it ‘literary condom’ he he... So be good to me or else I’ll blog about you!! But the good (sad) part is you can always give me a taste of my own medicine….
Thanks bye!

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