June 28, 2012

My Weirdest Dream…so far

If this dream ever came true then it would be something unnatural (as for now). I could then by all means proclaim that humans have en inner eye to see the future. The future is already written and we are nothing but passing clouds in it. Yes, this is a dream in which i supposedly had a vision of the future. nothing odd in that coz most of us at some point must have seen dreams which may have got us thinking that it was from a point in the future.(that’s what we’d normally think – if it’s something that has not happened to u earlier then it’s got to be from the future! Where else could it be from?). The weird thing about this dream is that its way more specific than any the dreams I’ve ever had. In it I meet four of my childhood friends in their youth and one of them is introducing me to his wife. I HEARD HIM SAY HER NAME!!! After waking up I immediately wrote it down so that I don’t forget it. Now all I have to do is wait and see if it comes out to be that same name. I don’t want to however disclose any of the names. 

 Upon crosschecking this dream with reality situations I cannot give a solid reason so as to what may have caused me to see this dream. While going to bed that night I neither thought of those long gone acquaintances nor about any marriage. Yet it just popped up and the shocking aspect is that the guy who introduced me to his wife, when I last met him roughly about 5 years ago had a kind of romantic relationship with a female and later that year they had split it to 2 states for educational purposes (even at the time of writing) I don’t know if they have kept up their relationships after that. However, the name he told me in the dream rhymed with her name. I really doubt if they r still holding on to it. Is this dream some sort of indication that they r still secretly in love with each other? If that’s the case then what the **** has it got to do with me? I barely know them. What is nature trying to tell me? Is at asking me to have them apart for a better good? Or to try and bring them together as they r the perfect couple? (Chances r that each of them may be committed to someone else) but why did I see this dream? God could have showed it to somebody who is more close to both of them. I hardly even chatted with any of them since I last saw them. My dream! But I am not the subject!?!

Another possibility that I can put forward is that I hail from a family whose caste is referred to that of the astrologers. Have I inherited that unique property of telling the future? Should I go forward and tell them? Will it mess things up to any of them? But at the same time I want to know if I am a mutant with the ability to predict the future!! Feeling helpless and uneasy….

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