What would you have done when thoughts of all types begin to accumulate in you? To such an extent that no amount of tears, laughs, cuts, screams, music nor masturbation would help bring it down. The only way out would be to share it and here it is – filtered, pure and uncensored documentation of my thoughts. The categorization of this blog depends largely on the surroundings that influence me. What it turns out to be depends on what I would gradually turn out to be. It is also a part of a unique way that I’ve figured out to satisfy most of my long lost aspirations and dreams and hence they are more than just posts to me(I hope to elaborate on this sentence in one upcoming post maybe…)
This is meant exclusively for the total liberation of those thoughts that I feel is worth sharing and I aint gonna alter it to please/hurt anyone.  Hence, one could expect wild immoralities in those posts along with all the other good things..
This is also a room where I put my creativity to test and most important of all – it is nothing but the showcasing of my hobbies.

I wouldn’t ask you to promote this blog (why would I do that? Ask someone to spread all the crap that pops up in my mind as if I’m the only one with a creative mind.??) But if you feel that we are in the same page and if there are people like you and me who would get the same pleasure that you got while reading or that I got while writing, then as the band Limp Bizkit says – “let the shit slip!”
If the above paragraphs have led you to think that I am kind of a serious guy, then F##k that thought. I am an entirely humours guy who just enjoys cracking jokes that make others angry/cry.  Yes, I too have dreams and I listen to hell lot of music.  

Finally, here r some of my other profiles - 

 -Sputnik Music(in case we have the same taste in music)

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