March 5, 2014

Illusion, Reality, Realization (Part I)

Indian Dancer Indian Art Indian Painting Dancing by evitaworks, $16.00
Guess who was seated in front of me. A female, married but young and gorgeous. Shivers of lust trickled down my spine. I devoured closely, swiftly. Seductive smile and looks she gave. Smiled back at the opportunity, we began to converse. 'Starving' to my eyes, with the looks of the fledged HOT INDIAN LADY.

lovely indian woman,watercolour... by shahrzadOn her forehead, marked by a red spot, the Bindi - one that redefines her,  the third eye rendering respect. To a brave soul she'd have had the Rakhi tied. I hoped I'd be that worthy soul. Beautiful beyond flesh, lust and perceptions. Willing to sacrifice anything but values.  She's had her lust preserved and love surrendered for a man worthy or not but as fortunate as fortune itself. The man who's made his mark upon her with saffron dust, ring and bloodline for which she'd die for.


By: Raja Ravi Varma .Indian married lady enhancing her beauty with a bindi - Glass Painting

Indian woman - 5 - Creative Art in Digital Art by Kiran Kumar in Portfolio Digital Paintings at Touchtalent
 Her looks upon me were loving, curse my carnal illusions. I was just as worthy to be called a brother for I too was born an Indian. She, my sister and her brothers, mine . I realized, a smile of pride it was. How timid of me!   I sat there still , aspiring to become a worthy husband of one such SACRED INDIAN WIFE. I've realized much earlier the shit happens even in India, now more than ever before but suddenly did that old shit just slipped!?!

[images obtained from Pinterest, keyword : 'Indian woman painting' ]


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