February 24, 2014

Your ADs Here...

Hold on to them dear folks, your ADs. For they really are your ad to God. Your guarantee for your existence here. They are you 'Aspirations and Dreams' - the IDEAS that you conceive. Like mermaid eggs laid under the ocean of your conscious by a rather untouched sacred self of yours. Prepare to hatch them with the warmth of your heart. Let decisions therefore be in favor of those little mermaids who when brought to life, would be your manifestation and you' have set your mark upon this world. What more could you ask for? What better could you give? The path to hatch would be difficult, unrewarding but sweet and heavenly.

It wasn't your choice to be born. You were rather chosen with tasks assigned - the ADs, the voice to be trusted and followed. The voice so pure, unselfish and unbiased. The voice to evoke the almighty. The voice of  the almighty. Drift through them.   "do selflessly what ever you do, expect nothing in return." Now isn't that hard unless it is something you'd love to do?

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Inspirational Quotes #InspirationalQuotes #Inspirational #Quotes .  Walt disney #Inspiration | F. Scott FitzgeraldWalt Disney If you don't build your dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs - Steve JobsSteve Jobsso do the things you want, if it doesn't turn out great you will know you will have at least gave it a try. If you don't try you will always wonder "what if"OK i only like this quote because it says 'future' and for people who know me well know that I am actually a person from the future that has the second 'time machine' ever made and ninjas sent from the dictator of the future world are coming after me because I a part of a secret rebellion against this dictator guy and if we have the 'time machine' thing we can overthrow him.Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan 1981 - 2009Buddha Guidance - well said.Gandhi faith Faith is like wi-fi

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