January 2, 2013

Life as a JOKER...

Allow me to be frank. This post is entirely inspired by the JOKER in the movie - The Dark Knight. This isn’t a review of the movie or characters. But I must say the performance of Heath Ledger (as the Joker) was amazing (which is what prompted me to pen this).  The Oscar for the ‘Best Performance in the Role of a Villain’ for that year was achieved by none other than the JOKER of Gotham (the fictional city). Through Heath Ledger, the world saw the face of a sadist than a villain (or are villains sadists?).  The joker was the human form of the abstract pleasure that most people drew from other’s sorrows/pain/suffering.

Such a joker lives in all of us. Who isn’t happy to watch their rivals in pain? Who doesn’t want the villain to suffer? But as virtues taught us, it is always better to forgive than to satisfy the joker in us. Coz fate could anytime play its jokes/pranks joke on us and there wouldn’t be a Batman to save us. The most brutal joke (FATE’S JOKE) in this context would be the fact that Heath Ledger had passed away before receiving the award. Now isn’t that as funny as saying “Little Charlie sacrificed everything for the ticket and when he got there the match was disrupted by rain… ha ha ha…”???
For many people, the joker of Gotham, unlike most villains became more popular than Batman.
 I could always figure out some similarities between myself and an ordinary joker/clown (and perhaps those people with attitudes similar to mine would do too.) I always loved to entertain everyone with jokes (and I still do.) I believe being the funny guy is better than being the heroic guy. The former would always serve as a strong foundation in terms of confidence, enthusiasm, positive approach etc. while there are chances of false ego, complex etc with the latter. I was voted the ‘funniest guy’ by entire batches of students during my school sent off party. Though might not be an achievement that I could add to my resume, it is this one achievement that I am most proud of than any other in my 12 long years of schooling (which includes being voted as the school captain.) There are times when the joke seems to be on me (in that case I’d be the only one not laughing… (A sentence inspired by the lyrics of the band ‘Poets of the fall’)) Such situations could be potential downers/demotivators yet it was the happiness in others laughter (for which I am the reason) that seemed sweeter.
“Smile and you could be the reason for others to smile.” But as a potential joker – “cry and you could be the reason for others to smile too.” The greatest wisdom in the above sentence is that it can give you a flawless filter that helps identify and separate out those who truly care and love you from the bulk of people, for they will be the ones who simply can’t smile when you cry. It helps to identify those who are with you for what you are and not for what you have. HOW ELSE WOULD YOU HAVE KNOWN? WAIT FOR FATE’S JOKE TO OCCUR AND THEN LOOKOUT FOR THOSE WHO ARE STILL STANDING BY? Now isn’t that kind of difficult???
It also kind of offers a beautiful platform to judge girls (or members of the opposite sex). Here is how it is… [THE FOLLOWING S**T DOESN’T MEAN I DON’T RESPECT GIRLS….DEAR FEMINISTS, PLS DON’T MISINTREPET…]
Hit girls regularly with jokes (don’t overrun…) and gradually observe their reactions.
-          If she enjoys all the poor jokes that you deliver (which may/may not be situational) – she could very well get along with you. Her ego and yours match and you will be good friends. (Sign of confirmation: she will frankly tell you if she didn’t find a particular joke interesting.)
-          If she seems to fake laughs for your jokes - chances are she isn’t your true friend or that she is excessively formal.
-          If she laughs with others when you are being laughed at – don’t expect much from her, she could be one of those temporary ‘passing-cloud’ friends.( but if she shows concern for your feelings during that situation then proceed with caution. She could either be a very caring person or she might be a true friend.
) If she gets angry/annoyed when you’re laughed at, then she might have something more than friendship for you.(wait… don’t be excited, she could simply be a closer friend – it happens in most cases – guys f***ing overestimate a girls care towards him to be romance/crush and eventually when he faces reality via ” I saw you as my close friend/brother” – that’s when the real s**t happens… he turns out to be like the joker of Gotham – angry and revengeful to the world around.
-          If initially she enjoys the joke but later with time if she doesn’t enjoy them from you (even if it’s better jokes/situational jokes) – she is a selfish bitch… could take guys for granted and would never be happy with what she gets. (Jokes are meant for smiles…smiles are selfless…if one can’t smile from jokes, he/she is under a f**k load of false ego. – Assholes who can’t find happiness with minor things purely meant to make one feel pleasant – those people don’t deserve it.
   // A really funny/sad joke  is that ALL THE ABOVE POINTS always prove to be ENTIRELY meaningless if you’ve been accepted by HER in a way you would want… females have this great capability(perhaps God given.)
Oops, did I just so freaking confuse you? Now isn’t it funny to realize how a potentially useful set of instructions turned to mere bluffs? That’s the most beautiful part of humor/jokes – that it’s heavily dependent on time (weather you know it or not). //
Things we once took seriously (especially during our childhood/teenage) may now seem so silly. They may even be worth laughing at. At some point in our life (or even afterlife) we might have reached a state where we would laugh at all our deeds (the ones which we were once damn serious about – grudge, sorrow, selfishness…) probably because we’ve become more wise (God, being the wisest of all would have a great deal to laugh at watching us…perhaps that’s how he tests us and it may be through such humor that He forgives us all.) What about the Joker of Gotham then? Is he as wise as saints (if not God)? Or is laughing over other’s demise always considered evil? Why does he want to watch the world burn? I guess he has reached such extreme position/point in life(equivalent to great wise men) where lives of all human race somehow seems so funny.(perhaps the path to get to such a position must have been gruesome…)
Like the joker we’ve had our share of grudge against the world. Most of us (if not all), may have felt lonely/angry at the world. All the chaos and extremities would’ve made some men wonder at the brutal humor that fate puts people in. Right?

I too have been dubbed 'corny' many times but guess who r the real losers??? All that I(being corny) did was simply attempt to make others happy with those little...'sparks' and if they cant digest it then f**k them. They dont deserve to be happy and are probably caged in ego.
With us, being God’s ‘Little Charlies’,  I bet God might be laughing his eyes off seeing us react to the fate’s jokes that he puts us in especially to our selfishness. Heath Ledger’s soul wouldn’t have cried over his sad demise but chances are that he is probably laughing thinking about it.  Always remember: if a joke doesn’t please a person, it could be because of that person’s attitude and there’s now way it could harm the joke. Jokes are like blessings… they come to you but it’s your attitude that chooses whether or not you should receive them (the nectar of happiness form it.) Miseries are life’s little jokes…and should be taken in a way they deserve to be taken.
Still confused??? That’s because the joke might not be over yet…but it surely will. So f*****g SMILE….
No one could truly/correctly judge us...ever!!!(and even if they did why would we give a f**k?)
Yet we could know what THEY truly are....
Being at the state of 'being laughed at' might hurt...but the pain is worth enduring...my dear friends!!!
Life is so damn short to live in agony.
All you would need is a heart large enough to house the transformation of all thoughts in to little sparks of humor...and perhaps youve yunloked the door to something special...

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