August 30, 2012

Soak Not, My Eyes In Tears

I may have heard those words before. But it was when I heard it from Surf Excelvia this contest that I began to seriously revolve around those three words.
“Whew! It means that I will not have to soak my clothes anymore prior to washing.” I thought.

It’s been two years since I started washing clothes on my own. I used to dump them to my mother. Let me take this opportunity to thank her for flawlessly washing my clothes all these years. I never gave a thought about what brand of washing powder/soap she used. I was quite ignorant and was only concerned about having my clothes/uniform ready in time.
Things changed. I joined my college hostel where there no laundry service. I had two choices before me –
1. Wash clothes by myself.
2. Carry home a bag full of dirty clothes to my mother every weekend to get them washed altogether. Make sure there is enough air freshener, to keep the aroma of dirty clothes off from the room and that unlucky bag.
On the third day of the first week of my stay in hostel, I washed for the first time. I followed the instructions that mom gave me via phone. Her first point was – “soak them in the colloidal fluid for some time before washing.”

Her instructions that sounded simple and easy were quite hard to follow. First-time washing was a difficult time and I cursed myself too but it was also a time of the realisation of my mother’s care. I could understand clearly why she used to go mad at seeing my ultra-dirty clothes back when I was a playful kid.
I began my research on washing. Experimenting with various brands of washing powders, conditioners, soaps and even mixing two or more brands of detergents. With around 200 inmates in a hostel one can easily get any brand/sub brand of anything FREE!! – Sharing is caring!!! Of course I did start with the brand that mom used at home.
 A simple fact that I discovered – one cannot entirely blame a brand for not cleaning properly, it also depends on how YOU clean it.
Washing isn’t a hectic process.  There is a special joy that can be discovered in it. Sharing the hostel room with an inmate did reduce my privacy to a great extent and I used washing as a time of my own. I found itbeautiful to be lost in thought as I washed. It is just like travelling long distances alone where you can discover yourself. Washing with friends is even more fun – like Holi (colours being replaced by soap bubbles).
It is more like studying (for examinations), you’ve got to plan to do it so that you not only get clothes clean(study) but also dry(revision) in time. Perhaps the only boring part in washing clothes is soaking. Yet, you’ve got do it for better results. My mother told me to soak and I bet her mother told her the same.
Now with all that said, look what Surf Excel has come up with. A new detergent that it is powerful enough to state that soaking would be no longer necessary.  This is a company that has been in its field for a very long time and so far its products have delivered satisfactory performance(at least in my case). Besides, some of its video ads are really cute.
 ‘‘Soak No More’’ is a three letter sentence just like “I love you”, people want and would love to hear it from someone (as far as washing is concerned.) I loved it especially when I heard it fromSurf Excel.It could be the genie for those who wash.
To completely understand its full potential, here is an example – imagine that we are in an era where there are no pens and we use the feathers of helpless birds to write our nonsense. All of a sudden a- guy comes and says –
“Soak No More, in ink
The feathers of poor birds
The Pen is here…”

If its claims prove to be true, Surf Excel could possibly change our lives as the pen once did. But we are so used to soaking and isn’t it going to be a bit difficult to change?
Anyway, here is a slanged-up poem that I penned down for the situation that Surf Excel has currently put us in.

Soak not, my eyes in tears.
Brood no more, Fear no more
Coz Surf Excel says ‘‘Soak No More’’
Do more like you care no more
Washing ain’t the same anymore

Here’s our brand-new brand
To meet your demand;
Within it, molecules vibrate
Pushing dirt to suffocate
Holding to wet garment
Makes dirt sick with lament

Kids, soak more in stains
Hamper not your gains;
Moms, let ‘em soak more
Coz you got to‘Soak No More’;

Stain in pain as dirt is hurt
Lives are easier and wives are happier
Coz Surf Excel says ‘Soak No More’, ever
As clothes just got more clever

To Surf Excel’s quote I shall add
This better not be just an ad;
Honey, keep your promise,
Money, aint for compromise.

Help save water and time,
Both are worth a dime.
Wipe germs and contagions
With no terms and conditions

Revolutionise through an impact
Mobilise the consumer protection act
It’s our demand n command,
Shaping your brand-new brand.

On to our clothes it mixes,
For faults it claims it fixes.
Don’t blur true colour,
While beating cruel odour.

Can it take us off boredom?
Or will it make us look more dump?
A breakthrough technology?
Or a cooperate apology?

Coz we won’t surrender
For a blunder,
We would soak more
And say ‘use it no more’

In the end, dear Surf Excel;
You will sell and excel,
Coz India is a nation
Where soaking’s a tradition
Many would still soak more
And you knew it all before
That it as well cleans when soaked more

But I look on with hopes
To see unsoaked dirt corpse

Soak not, my eyes in tears.


  1. wow! a self-realizaion post on are a science student? "colloidal fluid' I though you would talk about coagulation too ;)
    Nice post, loved the poem too...never been to a hostel but now farm from home on job, know the pain of washing :'(

  2. yep! a science student!! but it dosent matter anymore, i've lost intrest!! to a point i wish i'd never taken it! its just pure soaking on theory and nothing else! i guess all streams r like that! thanks a lot for ur praise! honoured!