August 9, 2015

My Faith in God

My faith in God, neither copyrighted software nor for single OS, neither blinded nor bonded. Principles stay in vision and not hurdle the mission. Religion, a mere debugging forum. Guiding light and not the map. Derive faith-code from MULTIPLE forums. Develop own source code - God code, using the language of love, of God to interpret. Compile with tolerance, Embed with faith and share without expectations, those religious code snippets. Live not, like dancing puppets. Explore in your religious freedom, exploit not in your religious freedom. Let fallacies fool no more. May the true true be lived and believed.

Dear religions of this planet, things didn't go like you planned it. Or are you the virus implanted? Your messages deemed pure and holy, have been altered by holy men so unholy. You were the means to common God but now they love you more than God. They hesitate to befriend or love those wearing a different glove. Brainwashing in the name of God. Killing, converting to please the lord. You are now a discriminating drug and within you too the sectarian bug.

Behold, the silent prayer within all that exist, as one as God and would forever persist. 

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