November 16, 2014

I am the Future = You are the Future

The future, often defined by thoughts, stands a chance to be influenced by the thinker. The brightness of such a future can thus be related to the thought. This delicate and sensitive relation would in turn require a firm factor upon which it can be founded or further developed such that it effectively connects the future to the thinker.

The most suitable form of that factor would be an idea, the lack of which would make the relation highly vulnerable to twists and knots. The idea, as dynamic as the thought as rigid as an object in space - “I am the future!!!

For the idea to be persistent, it must be held on firmly by belief. The future can also be independent of the thinker and as well appear to be influenced by many unaccountable factors. The strength of believing, which enables the idea to be well balanced in the space of mind, grows with the awareness and acceptance of the contradiction – “You are the future”, implies to the majority of empty space in an atom of a piece of an element which we perceive as a rigid object in space.

Existence can only be forged through the union of the opposites. An equation that connects the contradictory factors, proving to be the ultimate supportive factor in enhancing a relation in its existence.
I am the future = You are the future

It would enable the future, a mere fabric of space and time, to dawn on to the present that has just been born out of the past. The relation would then align perfectly along the boundaries of experience, reality and hope as it unifies the the spectrum of time and thought.

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