September 14, 2014

The Pipe Dream

The Pipe Dream

Amidst juniors, I saw you dear,
Mind struck with love so severe
Resonance in my longing heart
Impeccable you, living piece of art

Time passed, never missed to look
Hailed you silently in Facebook
And made moves to make 'The Move'
Proposal, an 'ended-before-began' move

Romance bubble poked by peers
At my presence why change gear?
Misjudged and flipped out of scope
Although I held on with hope

Cutest creature to my eye
Hurtful, couldn't get you by
Always I'd plan to meet
Notions often failed to beat

Dreams, the hope filled dramatization
Rendered realistic reciprocation
And you, the reality within dream
Now (appears to be) The Pipe Dream.

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