August 26, 2013

Evanescent, the state and signal of peace

Drifting deep in psychic skies of darkness
Engines of enthusiasm breaking down to blankness
Pulsars of worthlessness beams around
Reciprocating confusions spiral and surround
Evanescent, the state and signal of peace
Suicidal surrender, would it help helplessness to cease?
Stay on course oh worthy soul, amidst this turbulence
Invisible storms of inner-self mustn’t erode endurance
Optimism and self-awareness, radar and life jacket
Nefarious thoughts to be ejected out in packets 

It's really a metaphorical "tumor" that presses on your brain every day and makes sure that by the end of that day, you are once again reassured that you are the most worthless, hideous, disappointing monstrosity to ever walk the earth. That is what depression does to you. That is what depression is: a tumor of emotion. 

Understanding #depression. #health #brain #Psychology #neuroscience

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