July 20, 2013

Trip to Rip n Sip

The Perfect Road Trip

The perfect road trip according to me would be one that'd fill my heart to such an extent that I wouldn’t mind if I were to R.I.P after that extravagant trip (not during the trip however, never). The surroundings passing by through the window as if I along with those companions with whom my mind most resonates with were surfing through the waves of happiness. We wouldn’t be least bothered about the jam that would be as calm as a morning horizon. The honking horns would be nullified by our conversations carrying the pristine essence of friendship. Yes, a friendship that fills the map like long roads that stretches across terrains of age,sex and ambition. Friendship in its vibrant whole, not necessarily marked by the so called 'normal nature of friendship' but one that binds individuals with true intimacy like that of 'father-son’,’ girlfriend-boyfriend' etc. Along with the     brothers and sisters that God gave through the wombs of other mothers. Such would be the nature of friendship in which our vehicle would be powered by apart from the fuel.
The so called COMPANIONS in this particular journey would be my dad – the best thing that happened before I happen to set foot on this planet. My soul mate – the best thing that happened after I set foot on this planet. Two of my best buddies – the people responsible for getting the best out of me since our footprints on this planet seemed to head to the same direction. The two buddies are of course accompanied by their soul mates with whom neither I nor my dad is well acquainted to and that would be the entire purpose\aim of this lovely road trip for at the end of it, after we've reached our destination, the so called 'acquaintance' would be a thing of the past. It would've burned down like phoenix and from the ashes would rise the sacred 'phoenix of friendship' whose wings would forever 'protect'. Road trips like these are nothing but a ritual for the birth of such mystique birds and the vehicle would serve as nothing but the 'holy fire'. Let the flames of joy burn along with the controlled explosions within each stroke of the engine shaft.

And as for the destination, it’s worth every bit of the journey - the self discovery of oneself being lost in thoughts staring through the window into the racing roads, the little bits of silence amidst long conversations, laughs, sentiment and formality marked by the faint sound of the engine, the little 'are we headed in the right direction?' worry etc. The journey reflects 'Life's Journey' in all the optimistic ways possible. Beautiful it would have been if in real life too, the presence of 'hurry/speed up' were as faint as they would be in this perfect road trip. En route to that glorious destination I and my companions would already have drifted through our 'mind-mobiles'. The destination in itself has the wisdom to send us spiralling through the journey in time that my friends and I've been through. In fact this destination was starting point of our journey as friends. Yes, we are heading back to have a glimpse of our school. The partners, to acknowledge a rather potential source of the attitude they're being treated by their husbands. My father, to thank her and her 'children' for raising me (us
) up.

As the car slows down near the gate of my lovely school, anticipation fills our heart followed by an intense sense of togetherness that dissolves the strangeness among us. We'd be bonded like tiny tots in kindergarten. And we are all sent for a journey back to the destination which was previously the source, our homes. But that wouldn't steal any perfection out of it. In fact it would be the pristine time of embracing that perfect road trip along with all the good things the we've picked up on the way. The perfect road trip, a trip to perfection through the purifying filters of friendship and more importantly – discovery of the self. It is one such trip capable of transforming imperfections like – breakdown, tyre puncture, being lost etc into moments of joy.

The perfect road trip
Sorrows, it shall rip
And happiness I shall sip

Spare parts and Accessories -

To be specific about the right combinations mentioned above, one that suits best to the brand, the trip would start from our homes in Thrissur, Kerala all the way to Kozhikode via the National Highway and other merry roads(including ones with 'holes' as a result of Kerala's rains along with a bit of govt corruption.) No one would be initially sure of the way and that would pose as a challenge to our nostalgia as to 'who STILL remembers the way?' Music, an integral part for it is a thought drifter shouldn’t be too loud to keep us from talking. It should be faint but not too faint. It should provoke our memories. Local radio stations would suit perfectly as well. Rain and traffic jams, to an extend would seem fun but not a combination of both, never. The highway would portray the changing landscape of Kerala while at many places on the way, its heritage and tradition(one that we grew up with) would be visible in the form of restaurants, tuck shops, places of worship and of course, the coconut trees. We'd be more than happy to provide lift to people in need, but caution counts as well. Stopping by on road sides for a sip of 'ilaneer' - 'virgin coconut liquid'. Occasional calls to and from the family members back home primarily to ensure their and our safety. Tasty spicy masala meals within the car with cans of carbonated drinks and last but not the least, an integral part of such trips, car air purifier(in this context, Ambi Pur - facebook.com/AmbiPurIndia).

And as for the vehicle, dad, I and friends wouldn’t mind going with whatever cart we get but as for now, we value the comfort of the beloved ladies with us. After all, this isn’t just a ride of friendship, it is also meant to showcase it.


1. Jesse McCartney - Beautiful Soul

2. Lost Prophets - Last Train Home


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