April 30, 2013


 “A huge amount of money is involved in modernisation and many hospitals just might not be able to afford cheap treatments to the needy” – understandable.

“Looting money from patients (rich or poor alike) by subjecting those with even minor aliments to expensive treatments and tests.Compelling for uterus removal, sex determination of foetus, forced sisserian, kidney racket etc.” – highly unethical.

“Providing high end luxuries within the hospital premises like theatre, swimming pool etc.” – Nope, can’t understand. Look at the people in need… The long queues in front of local government hospitals. Forget about helping them, at least utilise the money for research and development.

“Hospitals under uncorrupted charitable trusts, private ones  and medical college universities who are really sincere in what they do to serve the people” – they alone fulfil the real purpose of hospital and they alone truly deserve to bemodern and even called so.

Modern hospitals, the crank of our nation’s health as long as it touches all ‘lives’ equally, irrespective any factor that tends to discrimination.

Dear hospitals, of my nation
Progress caused by aspiration
To save lives in devastation
Is indeed, modernization of hospitalisation
Worthy of people’s adoration
Else, mere hospitalisation of modernization

Essence of modernization
Only through generalization
Shone by affordability of hospitality
Revealing the credibility and servility
Of thy true ability
To touch lives with simplicity

Else how does thy policy
Differ from inn diplomacy
That modernise to profit?
The poor in suffering proves it!

You are means to good health
Don’t sway much for wealth
Doubt not modernization be stopped
As helpers will be helped
Now that aint a modern law
But truth that world saw

Modern shouldn’t spell luxury
Should cast spell on tragedy
With no rich-poor boundary
Only then its honest modest modernization
Else, mere masked monetization

And what you touch
Aint deserving lives as such
And till they remain untouchable
Neither you nor technology is adorable
Golden stethoscope aint modern
Patient’s grace it wouldn’t earn.

“Hope the government is successful with its rolling out mass insurance schemes so that a vast majority of the people could avail modern health facilities.” – Studies suggest that India has to figure out some solution to make health care affordable.

“The private hospitals could join hands to come up with real effective health drives(MORE OFTEN) and not those just for namesake.” – Unity is such a strong force...

“Enough said….”


The images below were obtained from 'google image search' upon typing 'hospitals in India'. (our hospital scenario lies within a wide spectrum)

oh! and by the way, The social media is booming... would it not be a better platform for more hospitals of our nation to use it in accordance...?(the below statistical images obtained from pintrest reflects the status and strategy of hospitals of the west...)

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