February 7, 2015

Unlimited to Ultimate

Topic : If you were given unlimited power on Valentine's day, how would you use it to make the day special for your valentine?

It is a beautiful day; it has been a year since Vishnu and I are in a relationship. The previous valentine’s day he asked me out and I didn’t require a second thought to say ‘yes’ for I had known it the very first time I met him at a wedding a few years back. He says that he too felt a similar spark when he saw me. 

Was it not for the wedding I would never had met him. It was a beautiful wedding, more beautiful the more I think about it. Talking about wedding parties, I am not really in to those but I was rather persuaded to go to this one by my pen friend – Kelumon – the reason was a strong one which I couldn’t resist. He said that I would meet the love of my life, my valentine, at the wedding. Not that I believe in predictions, but Kelumon, was really good with his predictions especially in relation to instances in my life. I met him, years before meeting Vishnu, through a pen pals club which I don’t remember of enrolling and yet gradually, he became more than just a pen pal. I would look up to him for support when I received none or doubted myself and he would encourage me to follow my decisions. That was best about him; he never directed me but was more like a guru. I too did help him out on tough situations he faced.

Helping each other out, our letters anchored our hopes. I never had to regret the decisions I made under his guidance, it was always for the better. He had come to my life when I needed someone like him the most, during the insecure and inexperienced years of teenage.

Vishnu always used to say that valentine does not manifest itself in the form of a lover alone. A valentine, according to Vishnu is anything that we love to do, or wish to love to do in our lives. Our passion, our dreams for instance. In that prospect, one could have multiple valentines. He also believed in the supreme power of the valentine to initiate a chain reaction for all the good things that would take place in ones life.

I couldn’t agree more, if you were an early witness to the relationship of mine and Vishnu, like many of my friends, you would have also not believed our love would last long for we were at different dimension as far as location, career interests etc. were concerned, but as I look back now our relationship thrived, our decisions as a team superseded in bringing us more closer to our dreams and passions. It all seems just so magical and I have one person to thank, Kelumon, my good old pen pal whom I never met.

Vishnu had told me that he would share a secret this Valentine ’s Day, about something which he said would make it the most special day of my life but I guess the most special things in my life are already happening live ever since I met him.

Just as I was about to leave my apartment to meet him at the mall the post man comes with a letter. I was excited; it has been months since I heard from Kelumon. I couldn't meet Vishnu without reading it. I opened it with utter excitement. And it read – 

Dear Arushi,

I know it’s been a while that you’ve heard from me. I have not replied to your previous letters for I deliberately distanced myself from you ever since you met Vishnu. I know very well that I am the catalyst to your relation and I wish you both all the best.

You shall not hear from me again and so through this letter I’d like to confess something before you.

Today marks a year since I have been officially in a relationship with my valentine, You. But today was not what it is right now. It was a convergence point initiated by the unlimited power that was bestowed upon me.

Arushi, today I was a complete loser. No valentine on valentine’s day, career going nowhere and totally lonely. It was as though I was living for somebody’s sake. I lost my own voice within the noise of other's words. Yesterday, during the last hour of the eve of this valentine’s day, I was so discontent and disconnected that the only thing I was looking forward to was the free HD video access that pornhub.com was to give its users on Valentine’s day 2015. Bus something else was written so that I could rewrite my life.

I woke up with the complete knowledge that I had attained unlimited powers. I could in a jiffy, become invisible, pass through walls and I too turned water to wine. I was pretty freaked out at first. Pinched myself several times to see if I were dreaming or not. Someone whispered within me, Vishnu, it just lasts for a day, with this unlimited power try and attain the ultimate power.

I wondered for a while what the ultimate power could be. Then it occurred to me.. -LOVE – why else would unlimited powers be given to me on valentine’s day? 

To possess the ultimate power one should do things that would lead him to it, do things that he loved to do and for that to be possible he must have the courage to listen to his heart with faith. And for that to happen, he needs support of a person who is the manifestation of that destined love – the valentine. Hence, with my unlimited powers I decided to reconnect the dots of my life through time travel. I was somehow convinced that without a valentine my decision to undo parts of my life would go awry. What I lacked was someone who could enforce my faith in myself and vice versa. 

I came to know that the point where I was destined meet the love of my life, you, would be at a wedding of a distant relative of mine which took place a few years back. I remembered skipping that marriage despite having an inner desire to go merely because of the complex inside me due to the failures in life.

As I drifted through time, I had a peek in to your life profile knowing you’re the one written for me. You were in a similar situation like mine. You had a boyfriend though with a pretty much complicated relation and you were trying so hard to impress him by confining to his demands. I scrolled back to you past and realized how the voids in your life have been left incompletely filled. I realized we both needed each other to succeed in all dimension of our lives. I could never know why. No matter how hard I tried with the unlimited powers bestowed upon me by a miracle. The answer may lie in at some point in the future of our life as a couple.

I decided to restart my life from the point where you needed me the most, closer to the time when I would need you too. Given the huge difference in locality there was no way for me to meet you and hence I decided to keep in touch with you through letters in the form of a pen friend with a pen name –Kelumon. Rest is history as you know. But you should now be made known that our history was rewritten. This Valentine ’s Day was extended and reshaped for years in to the past for a bright future.

The only truth I hid from you was that I never told you that I was Vishnu. Apart from the time travel, I have never in any way used the unlimited power to surpass natural obstacles that came in our way and yet we are here now, together winning our lives. By midnight today I want you to be with me as this magical power would be taken back from me.

Arushi, you can now head to the mall lets embrace the special moments of today before it slips out. The last thing that I would use this unlimited power for would be to erase all traces of memory about its knowledge from both our minds.

Valentine, a myth, a dream, an illusion for most eyes witnessing the magic of valentines.

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  1. Nice One.... Being in love is like getting back to childhood..

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